There are lots of types of gold that you may have lying around your house. You may have old jewelry that you never wear. Or you may have a gold set of candlesticks. Or maybe you have some precious metal cufflinks. If you have precious metal items that you don't use and hope to sell, you will want to work with a gold seller. When it comes to working with a precious metals seller, there are a few things you should know.

Tip #1: Learn About the Value of Gold

The value of gold is not set in stone. It is something that changes over time and is impacted by both local and global markets. If you are interested in selling gold items for cash, you will want to look into the value of it right now. There are numerous places you can look online that will let you know its current value.

It is also important to note that the value of gold is impacted by its purity, which is denoted in karats, as well as by its weight. You will need to know what type of gold you have and how much it weighs in ounces and grams to get an idea of what you have to sell.

Tip #2: Always Get an Appraisal

Before you sell any gold item, you will want to get an appraisal on the item. You may find that the value that the jewelry, candlesticks, or cuff links carry is more than the value of the gold used to make the item. Or you may find that the item doesn't hold that much value on its own and that all of its value is tied up in the precious metals used to create it.

Getting an appraisal will allow you to see if you should try to sell the item for what it is or if you should sell it and try to get its worth in gold in return.

Tip #3: Determine a Realistic Price

Using what you know about the value of gold, the karat of the gold, and the weight, you will want to set a price you want to get for the gold. Don't overprice it, as the gold buyer is going to want to get something valuable as well since they will be hoping to make a return on their investment if need be. By setting a value that you will accept for the pieces, though, you can more easily determine which offer you want to take for the items, and you will be able to know when an offer is too low for you and easily reject it.

Tip #4: Clean Things Up

Finally, it is a good idea to clean your gold items before you try to sell them. A clean item is more likely to fetch the price that you are looking for. Cleaning is simple; just put it in some lukewarm water with a little bit of mild soap. Then, use a soft bristle brush, such as a toothbrush, to clean it up. You can also take your items to a jeweler for deeper cleaning.

If you have gold items that you want to sell, learn about their value, and use that to determine what you would accept as payment from a gold buyer for the items. Clean them up so that you can get their total value.

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